How to Disable Admin Tools in Joomla

If you have accidentally locked your Joomla administrator due to the strict security feature implemented through Admin Tools component, then here is the solution to fix the issue. Cause of issue could be : you forgot the ‘Administrator secret URL parameter’. you made several unsuccessful login attempts. The error message that appears on screen would […]

How to Create Hidden Menu Items in Joomla (New vs traditional method)

There had been occasions when Joomla users wanted to hide the menu items from visitors of the site because they do not want that link to be easily seen by the visitors. The workaround for this was to create hidden menu and then add menu items to that menu. Most common examples of such links […]

How to disable Joomla Plugin or Extension in PhpMyAdmin

Did you install any plugin recently that is causing trouble? Is your site admin panel not accessible at all? Did you break your site after the enabling a certain plugin? Don’t panic, you can disable or deactivate the plugin of Joomla from PhpMyAdmin database. Since you are unable to access the back-end, you will now […]

How to create RSS feeds in Joomla 3.x

To create rss feed for you Joomla 3.x site, you dont need to install any 3rd party extension or plugin. Simple add ?format=feed&type=rss at the end of your blog page url for example your joomla site url is http://myjoomla3xsite.ext/blog.html then the RSS feed will read as http://myjoomla3xsite.ext/blog.html?format=feed&type=rss If under Global Configuration > Site > SEO […]