Open Graph tags : Must-Have Social Meta Tags for Social Media Streams

Facebook introduced Open Graph in 2010. It promotes integration between Facebook and other websites by allowing them to become rich “graph” objects with the same functionality as other Facebook objects. Open graph meta tags allow you to control what content shows up when a page is shared on Facebook. We’ve all seen posts like these […]

How to find RSS feed of a particular website?

Not all websites/blogs have RSS feeds, but if they do, its easy to find the RSS Feed URL of those sites. If you want to do this through browser, press CTRL+U to view source, then CTRL+F to open find window and then just type in rss. RSS Feed url should appear immediately. It should look something like […]

Seven principles of a successful social media campaign

Before starting and social media campaign it is necessary to understand the seven principles of a successful social media campaign. 1. Commit Commit time and resources for the campaign, and attention to doing it well. 2. Set Goals There should be clarity of goals about what you want to achieve with the campaign 3. Plan […]