Joomla SEF URL issue

Issue : When I set Search Engine Friendly URLs to “YES” and Use Apache mod_rewrite to “NO” in Global Configuration, URLs look like this with an index.php in the URL: If I turn Use Apache mod_rewrite to YES, the URLs look correct, but give 404 pages. Solution : Rename htaccess.txt file to .htaccess […]

How to get my pagerank back for joomla site

I wondered why google is considering and as different sites and rank both the URLs separately Try this quick test for your web site. Navigate to the two following URL’s: If you can actually have these show up in your browser then you have a problem. What is happening is that […]

Enable Disable register global from .htaccess

At times, we need to set register_globals to on or to off and we cannot modify such directive of php from the php.ini for obvious motives. Then we can plan register_globals to on or off through an entry in the file .htaccess in the following manner. For on: php_flag register_globals on For off: php_flag register_globals […]