How to Create Hidden Menu Items in Joomla (New vs traditional method)

There had been occasions when Joomla users wanted to hide the menu items from visitors of the site because they do not want that link to be easily seen by the visitors. The workaround for this was to create hidden menu and then add menu items to that menu. Most common examples of such links […]

How to disable Joomla Plugin or Extension in PhpMyAdmin

Did you install any plugin recently that is causing trouble? Is your site admin panel not accessible at all? Did you break your site after the enabling a certain plugin? Don’t panic, you can disable or deactivate the plugin of Joomla from PhpMyAdmin database. Since you are unable to access the back-end, you will now […]

Seven principles of a successful social media campaign

Before starting and social media campaign it is necessary to understand the seven principles of a successful social media campaign. 1. Commit Commit time and resources for the campaign, and attention to doing it well. 2. Set Goals There should be clarity of goals about what you want to achieve with the campaign 3. Plan […]

How to locate of your php.ini File

Different hosts use different location for storing and accessing files and so you’ll need to research where your php.ini file. To do that Step 1. Create a script to display your PHP information Create a very simple php script and place it in your home directory(www or public_html or httpdocs). Use script editor or a […]

Midnight Commander – connecting an ftp site with @ in username

I faced an issue today where my host needed to have login name in the form : ie character ‘@’ in username My username in format – did not work in MC. I figured the solution is to replace %40 with @ in username. example :